What is SEO and how does it work?

The process of optimising a website for search engines is referred to as "search engine optimization." It's the process of improving your website's visibility for relevant searches in layman's terms. The higher the visibility of your pages in search results, the more likely you are to attract attention and new and existing customers to your business.

What is SEO and how does it work?

Bots are used by search engines like Google and Bing to crawl the web, going from site to site, collecting information about those pages, and indexing them. Then, using hundreds of ranking factors or signals, algorithms analyze pages in the index to determine the order in which they should appear in search results for a given query.

Aspects of the user experience can be proxied by search ranking factors. Our Periodic Table of SEO Factors divides the variables into six categories and weights them according to their overall importance to SEO.

The search algorithms are designed to bring up relevant, authoritative pages and provide a quick search experience for users. Using these factors to optimize your site and content can help your pages rank higher in search results.

You can't pay search engines to get higher organic search rankings, unlike with paid search ads.