3 Easy Steps to Getting Your First 10,000 Google Visitors

I'm willing to wager that if you follow the three steps below to the letter, you'll receive 10,000 visitors from Google. It won't be difficult, but it will take time. And if you follow my instructions but still don't see results, contact me and I'll personally assist you with your marketing.

3 Easy Steps to Getting Your First 10,000 Google Visitors

All I ask is that you do it for three months in a row. Because some niches are extremely small, you may not reach 10,000 Google visitors in three months, but the majority of you should get there or be well on your way.

Again, if you can show me that you followed all of the steps below and still don't see results, you can contact me and I will personally assist you with your marketing for free.

Step 1

The first step is to find the right keywords.
If you choose the wrong keywords, you'll get little to no traffic and, even worse, little to no sales.
So, before we get started on increasing your search traffic, let's find the right keywords for you
I want you to go to Ubersuggest and type in the domain name of your competitor.

Step 2

Compose content
You should have a list of keywords at this point. If you don't have at least 100 keywords per group, go back to step 1 and work on it some more.

It's not difficult to come up with 100 similar keywords to use in a single article. It simply takes some time to search for and locate them.

In general, I can find 100 keywords in less than 8 minutes as a rule of thumb. It may take you a little longer at first than it did for me, but once you get the hang of it, it'll be simple.
I'd like you to write an article using your newly discovered keywords.

Step 3

Getting the word out about your content 

It's only half the battle when it comes to creating content. Even if your article contains the right keywords, if you don't promote it, it's unlikely that it will be read or ranked on Google.

So, how do you ensure that your content is read and well-ranked?

To begin, you must obtain social shares, and then you must obtain backlinks.

Yes, search engines do not always favor pages with more Facebook shares or tweets, but the more eyes on your page, the more likely you are to receive backlinks.

And, in general, the more backlinks you have, the higher you will rank.

So, here's the need for website traffic click.